Continue your Eduction using MOOC

As I have grown older I have had to keep myself updated on lots of new skills and knowledge that I need to keep up to date. learning how to develop this website is just one of them. Learning how to manage my investments in retirement is another.

These things just did not exist when I was younger and her I am at over 70 years old and still learning.

You can take advantage of free open onlines courses on topice that will help you develop your skills and competences.  MOOC courses exist across a wide spectrum of subjects that you might be interested, either learning new trade skills, a hobby or interest.

Look at this video that will tell you all about MOOC's

Look at these links to identify plenty of on line learning opportunities.

FT Business Course MOOC Tracker
Free MOOC courses from future learn
Free MOOC courses from Edx
Free MOOC Courses form Coursera


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