Advice for Competition Entry Information

Student of the Year Award

This was reviously called 'The Mentor's Prize'

Awarded to the best essay type submission. An overview of the students activities and what they have achieved during the year. There is one cash prize. This is does not involve an oral presentation.

The submission must not exceed five single sided A4 pages. The written overview to be contained within the first three sides and the remaining two used for supporting illustrations and / or data.

Sub-headings may be used to emphasise aspects such as:

  • first impressions
  • the learning curve
  • the working environment
  • interaction with colleagues
  • work / projects completed of note
  • courses and other activities participated in
  • What they have personally achieved

Be careful not to include confidential material.

Student to check with their supervisor as they must verify and commend their entry as with the above submission. Entries will be judged in the first instance on:

  • Presentation 30%;
  • Content 50%;
  • Personal achievement 20%

High marks will be awarded for a well written, interesting and informative document that shows the spirit of participation in the placement.

The Future Industry Leaders Award is an essay competition to enable students to record their experiences leading up to and part of their year in industry. It is not a report but more the sort of thing you might write for a magazine, newspaper or other students considering taking up a placement. READ the brief, many students do not. It might be good to consider a structure to your essay, a beginning, middle and end leading the reader through a progression of your year. Try and answer the questions you think students would want to ask you about your placement.

A few of my thoughts on what's important

These are my own views and not exhaustive or authoritative. Talk to your managers, friends and colleagues to see if they understand what you would like to do as an entry, to see if makes sense. If you do decide to enter then don’t exceed the page/word limits and also throw out anything that does not add value or convey meaning to a reader.

  • What were your initial fears, expectations and challenges?
  • How did you overcome them?
  • What problems did you face leaving school or university to work in industry?
  • How was working life different to other life?
  • How did you build relationships get hep and offer help to work colleagues?
  • How did you manage your manager and get him to help you achieve your goals?
  • Comment on the changes to social life and new experiences and responsibilities?
  • Briefly mention these in respect of the projects work you have been involved?
  • Mention any opportunities for innovation and making your own contribution?
  • How did you achieve personal credibility in your work?
  • How did your placement develop you and give you a wider understanding of business?
  • You can include humour and anything that makes an interesting read?
  • For examples, quotations from friends or managers, conclusions?

Future Industry Leaders award (FILA)

This award is intended to be a record of your involvement in a business focused project that is or will be delivering benefits. However these benefits do not always have to be of a financial or technical nature. In many cases industries need to invest in socia, environment, health and safety initiatives. They may also invest to be best at what they do, improve customer service and gain new customers.

All these initiatives may be focused on their employees, customers, suppliers or the general public dependent upon the industry or service being provided. It is not necessary to divulge commercial secrets or sensitive information. The focus is more about your contribution and your understanding of the business issues, how you have overcome challenges and the part you have played in the delivery of the results and benefits.

This is NOT a presentation as you would give it to work colleagues so it must be tailored to suit the audience.

  • The initial audience are the judges reading your written submission made in May. – So the words must be good and convey meaning to the judges.

    Only 8 students will be selected to present at the SE regional final.

  • The next audience are the Regional SE judges listening to your presentation in June – So the presentation, content, delivery and Q&A must be handled well

    Only 2 students will be selected to go to the National finals

    The next audience will be the National Judges to see your presentation in September – You will still have time to polish this up.

    There will be several categories of prizes, Environmental, Innovation, etc.

It will take you some time to get a good entry ready (The right words and context), this should just be part of your everyday work and adjusted for the competition entry.

I guess the final question to be answered might be knowing what you know now would you have made the same decision about the taking a YINI placement, the University Course or joining your placement Company?

I hope this helps you consider entering and I look forward to hearing if you wish to enter these or other competitions.

As always you can always get back to me individually to ask any questions.

After you have found out about your Company and work opportunities you should start thinking about your competition entries and what you want to add or delete from your development plan.

Don’t forget if you do not ask your supervisor to make opportunities available to you then then they are not likely to happen, you need your supervisor's support to help you achieve your objectives.

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