Development Action Plan - SMART Objectives

You will need to define your Goals in some way so try seeting a few SMART objectives.

Specific - Small enough to be identifiable

Measurable - What criteria determines success

Actionable - What actions will you take to achieve the goal

Relevent - To your work or personal development

Time Bounded - Set a target time limit to achieve success

Not all objectives need to be SMART as we cannot condense everything we do into a SMART objective.  If one of your Goals is to lean things about industry and business then at this stage of your career it might be quite difficult to set a SMART objective.

Compare this with the vision the astronauts had of putting people on the moon, it was visionary, innovative and had never been done before. It was never the less an admirable goal of the team. So you can include one or two of these sort of Goals but try to describe them in a way other people will understand.  They may have a part to play in helping you achieve the goal.

Have a look at this video to get an idea of how to develop SMART objectives.

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